Exploit & Shellcode


Many of security products use different kinds of shellcode in order to inject it into a vulnerable process to execute some actions on a remote device. Since there are many different shellcode examples already incorporated in different security solutions, they are mainly detected by anti-virus and IDS/IPS systems so the exploit will be blocked before reaching the intended target. Therefore, having an undetected shellcode that can bypass IDS/IPS/Antivirus solutions comes in handy when trying to execute it on a device.

When in the middle of a penetration test or a security assessment, we might stumble upon an older version of a software product, which includes a vulnerability, but for which no public exploits exist yet. Therefore, we can only report the version of a software product is unpatched and latest security updates haven't been installed, but we can go even further and develop an exploit that is able to gain access to the system via the existing vulnerability. We can write a reliable exploit, which you can use to exploit the vulnerable system to further penetrate into the customer network..


The exploit & shellcode service is suitable for penetration testing security companies wanting to go a little futher than a usual penetration test and are looking for a reliable exploit of a known existing vulnerability present in a customer network.


The end results include:

  • A fully undetectable (FUD) shellcode that can be used to penetrate into a highly secured environment.
  • A reliable exploit of a known vulnerability in an arbitrary software program for which at least a binary installation package is available.
  • A detailed documentation of the written shellcode in order to be understandable to other security professionals.
  • A detailed documentation of the exploit in order to be understandable to other security professionals.