Software Development


At each and every moment, there are many programmers working on different kinds of software solutions written in different programming languages. But being a software programmer and writing the code in an arbitrary programming language, doesn't ensure the code will be written by following the latest security recommendations and can thus include many security vulnerabilities. Software development is useful in various areas of computer technology where secure development lifecycle (SDLC) needs to be followed to achieve maximum security. We can develop a software solution by following the SDLC which ensures the software is written by following the highest security standards.

Additionally, we can also insert anti-debugging/anti-detection techniques into the software program or application to make it harder to reverse engineer.


Software development is a suitable solution for companies that want a software product developed by following the latest security recommendations in order to distribute secure software solutions.


The end results include the whole software program, including:

  • All of the source code needed to build the software product in one's own environment.
  • A detailed documentation about the build process, the environment needed as well as description of all anticipated use-cases.
  • A detailed documentation about how to run and use the software product.
  • A securely developed source code by following the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).